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Hard, biodegradable filament and easy to print with

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Strong, Water resistant with a beautiful gloss.

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Strong, light flexible filmanet that is easy to finish of.

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Pliable, strong and biodegradable filament.

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Strong and light filament that is fully soluble.

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Water soluble filament, ideal support material.

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Incredibly strong, lasting and multi functional filament.

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Who are we?

Real Filament is a Dutch company that develops and produces 3D filaments locally. Our broad spectrum of experience with 3D printers and filaments gives us the ability to quickly tailor our filament production capabilities to your unique requirements, such as packaging, spool design and filament.

Whether you choose to use one of our proven successful filament types or create a complete new version, we promise you fantastic value for money. Real Filament puts great effort into it's product: all our filament applies to the highest European standards, produced in an environmentally-friendly facility here in the Netherlands, and our pure PLA filament is biodegradable and food safe.

As a Dutch producer and supplier of 3D-filament, we offer you great benefits as a customer. You get quick support and won't have to deal with long delivery times. We provide technical assistance at every point of the procurement process, along with assistance and guidance for those unfamiliar with our filaments.

At Real filament no idea is too crazy, so always feel free to contact us and share your ideas;